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Plastic Cards

Let’s face it, people love plastic cards. They feel good, look good, and in most cases contain a value (perceived or otherwise) to the card holder. Personalised plastic cards are a great way to promote your brand, and entice repeat business. At CardSprint, our team is always keen to work with you and offer suggestions and ideas of ways to get the most value from your plastic card project. Whether it is Loyalty cards, Gift cards, Membership cards, Photo ID cards, Referral cards, VIP cards, Discount cards, Smart cards, Keytag cards, Combo cards, Custom Shaped cards, YourPlay Player cards, Plastic card printers, or plastic card accessories like Lanyards, Card holders and Card reels, we are always ready to help.

The standard size of a plastic card is 85.7mm x 54mm and 762 micron (0.030”) thick which is the size and thickness of a credit card. We can, however, produce plastic cards using thinner or thicker stock if required and to custom shapes and sizes.