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SP25      SD360

Starting at around $1,700 (SP25), Datacard printers offer great value for money. Used around the world, these printers are market leaders, and the preferred choice for organisations concerned about card quality, durability, security and value.

We use the very same printers day in and day out, so we know how well they work. Perfect for staff photo ID cards, or issuing a personalised loyalty card on the spot.

The SD260 (simplex) and SD360 (duplex) are suitable for nearly all types of jobs, and have options for magnetic stripe encoding, and smart card applications. Click here to see the Datasheet, and contact us to get a price. More information on these printers can be found on the Datacard website.


Card Printing Software

The Datacard IDCentre range of card printing software has everything you’ll need to manage any card project. Each card printer purchase comes with a free version of IDCentre Intro, which is perfect for photo ID cards, encoding magnetic stripes or barcoding. Other versions of the software enable various database and access control options for more complicated projects.

CardSprint Loyalty can be used to track your customer’s spending patterns and build a database – you also can offer rewards to your client’s through CardSprint Loyalty based on pre-selected spending criteria. We can also custom design a suitable program specific to your application which won’t break the bank. Feel free to send us your requirements and we’ll be happy to put a proposal together.